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A cockroach is not the most obvious source of inspiration that comes to mind for the CEO of a global fintech company, yet Tala CEO & Founder Shivani Siroya said the kitchen pest embodied the energy she wanted her team to channel during the COVID-19 crisis. Cockroaches can live two weeks without water or a month without food. They can run up to three miles an hour, and hold their breath for 40 minutes. “Cockroaches can withstand even nuclear attacks,” Siroya told F3 founding partner Anu Duggal during a recent Fireside Chat. “In that sense, it was like, okay, we…

COVID-19 Pullbacks Balanced By Upward Trends in Digital Health, Female-Led Social Networks

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As Women’s History Month concludes, Female Founders Fund is back with its annual review of the state of female entrepreneurship and funding in the United States.

Back when we first published this report in 2014, female entrepreneurs received just 2% of total venture capital dollars invested into early stage companies. Since then, this proportion has hovered at or just below 3%, but we have seen steady growth in the number of female-founded startups raising follow-on and later-stage rounds of capital.

Female Founders Fund launched in 2014 with a simple investment thesis: women will build the companies of tomorrow and we…

We are thrilled to back Parisian makeup artist Violette’s first line of cosmetics, VIOLETTE_FR, made “avec amour” for people and the planet, and designed with the purpose of helping people celebrate their natural beauty. “We’re incorporating a lot of education on how to take care of your skin and how to apply makeup in a way that’s not ‘fixing’ anything, but celebrating yourself and making you feel good about yourself,” Violette says.

In the wake of Bumble’s successful IPO, we examined what happens when women are the ones leading and building social networks.

Over the past few years, Big Tech has been facing more and more scrutiny when it comes to user safety. Since launching, large social media platforms have existed mostly uncensored, allowing for significant — and in some cases, devastating — events to transpire online. In many cases, these platforms were designed by men, with the singular focus of growth at all costs… putting user safety on the back burner.

In recent years, there has been an emergence of female-led…

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Today, at-home lab testing and smart app combo Base announces their $3.4M Seed round with investors including Female Founders Fund, Venture City, Lakehouse VC, Rosecliff, AmplifyHer Ventures, and individuals like Anne Wojcicki of 23&Me, among others.

We are thrilled to back founder Lola Priego’s vision with Base — the belief that easier access to personal health data can help predict and prevents health problems before they appear.

In a recent interview with Lola, we spoke to her about her background at Facebook/Instagram, what inspired her to start Base, why she believes blood testing is the next frontier, where she sees…

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year from Female Founders Fund! As we move into 2021, we wanted to take a moment to share our reflections on the past year.

Team 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

In 2020, we added three new members to the FFF team. On the investing side, Adrianna Samaniego joined us from Columbia Business School this spring prior to spending eight years at Google followed by internships at Jet Blue Ventures and Harlem Capital. Emily Powers joined us from TPG’s Rise Impact fund where she spent the last three years. On the platform team, we brought on Caroline…

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Female Founders Fund launched in 2014 with one simple belief: women will build the companies of tomorrow. Since 2014 women’s health has outgrown its perception as a “niche” area of healthcare and developed into a key area of interest for investors, as well as the broader healthcare community. As a result of this shift, over $1 billion has been invested in women’s health companies over the last 5 years.

We invested early in Maven Clinic in 2014 and through our experience with Maven have become increasingly aware of both the need to create specific solutions for women’s health, and the…

Co-Founders of Oula Health: Elaine Purcell (L) and Adrianne Nickerson (R)

Today, modern maternity center Oula Health announces their $3.2M Seed round with investors including Female Founders Fund, Collaborative Fund, Chelsea Clinton’s fund Metrodora, 8VC, Kapor Capital, individuals like Kate Ryder of Maven Clinic, among others.

Female Founders Fund has always believed in the opportunity to transform women’s healthcare by building the care model around the mother’s needs. We got excited about the team at Oula Health for a few reasons:

1⃣ Firstly, experience. It is so rare to come across a founding team with both the healthcare expertise as well as the technology background in scaling care teams with start-up…

Daisy Auger-Dominguez

This Summer, we were fortunate to host Daisy Auger-Dominguez, VICE Media Group’s Chief People Officer, to speak with FFF Founders about ways we can support the movement to bring more diversity and equity to the investing and tech world.

Over the past two decades, Daisy has made it her mission to make workplaces more inclusive. Prior to leading the global human resources organization at VICE, she designed and executed diversity, equity and inclusion strategies for companies like The Walt Disney Company and Google. …

Leena Bhutta, DDCF (left), Lo Toney, Plexo Capital (center), Alisa Mall, Carnegie Corporation (right)

Female Founders Fund recently hosted a virtual panel in partnership with First Republic Bank with three top LP’s committed to diversity and inclusion: Leena Bhutta of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Lo Toney of Plexo Capital, and Alisa Mall of Carnegie Corporation. The conversation focused on the realities of being a Limited Partner (LP) in the post-COVID world, strategies for diversifying investment networks and portfolios, and ways LPs and investors can help move the needle on racial and gender equality, both in their own firms and across the industry.

The big takeaway? Investing in diversity doesn’t — and shouldn’t —…

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